Introducing my Book of the Month Club

Like the general vibe of my universe and my posts here, but haven't read any of the books? 

Have my first book - somewhere - but have never actually read it?

Got The Jacq of Spades and liked it, but never progressed any further through the series?

Like the books, and want to discuss them, find a community around the books, but can't find anywhere to do so?

Were in my Facebook discussion groups, but can't stand Facebook anymore?

Okay, breathe.

I got you.

This is for you:

A Book of the Month Club, where we start with The Jacq of Spades and progress through the series each month. I'll be there too! There will be discussions, my inspirations for each book, and so on. I'll also have a Discord channel for it, where you can discuss each book in real time, if you like that better.

The book for each month is included in the price.  You choose the tier: ebooks, signed paperbacks, or signed hardcover books. 

Or, if you bought the books but haven't read them, or don't want me to send you books, you can join on a separate tier and provide your own copies for the duration.

But you can't just join willy-nilly. We'll go through as a group, a new group starting every six months. We can get to know each other, help each other with figuring out the puzzles in the books, and maybe even become friends! 

The group will close when certain conditions are fulfilled (see below). After that, you'll have to wait and join the second group.

You're not going to be lost in a crowd. Only 20 can join in each tier. And I'll be there to answer every question you have (that I can without spoiling the later books, of course).

So what's the schedule?

Sign ups for the January group are open now, and will close December 31st.

Sign ups for the June group will open in May.

And so on.

How can I join this?

You can join right here.

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