Red Dog Press, LLC

Red Dog Press, LLC

An independent small imprint started in 2015.

Thank you for your interest in our books!

Red Dog Press, LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Oklahoma, USA.

We are in no way affiliated with the UK publishing company by the same name.


Red Dog Press History

Red Dog Press, LLC as a fiction publisher was first created in 2015, solely to be the imprint of record for print copies of Patricia Loofbourrow's steampunk noir Red Dog Conspiracy series. We have begun to expand our services, by invitation only, starting in 2018.


Our name

The game Red Dog is a variant of Texas Hold'em poker! Since the culture of the world of the Red Dog Conspiracy series is based on playing cards, we thought the name for the Red Dog Gang (and our company) quite suitable.


Our brands and authors




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Submitting to Red Dog Press, LLC

Participation is by invitation only. We do not take submissions. Unsolicited pitches or submissions are marked as spam and discarded unread.