Want to help?

Hi there!

I am going to be extremely honest with you here.

I am an independent self-published author.

That means I pay all the things (editing, covers, proofreading, marketing) before I see one dime. Depending on when you purchase a book, it could be as long as 90 days later.

Could you live on getting your first paycheck 90 days after you started a new job? Welcome to my world. That's exactly what publishing a book is like.

My household is probably like yours.

I am in my sixties. My husband is retired.

We both grew up in pretty ordinary means, and I wasn't very smart with my money. I don't have some corporation paying my way with a big advance, or a trust fund, or parents who left me anything.

My husband does not pay my way as far as the book stuff goes. That was our agreement after me not being smart with the money I had before. So I am on my own in this.

One book can take me years to produce. And I still have expenses coming in for making and selling the books (see above), as well as repaying debt from not being too smart with the money while trying to sell the books before (see above), as well as things like health insurance (I'm not old enough for Medicare).

My income for paying these business expenses comes entirely from book sales and your subscriptions. If money does not come in, I have to do something other than writing books to pay my bills.

I love writing books for you. But I also like paying my bills on time.


Here's how you can help (if you still want to).

  • Buy my books! Preferably here on my site.
  • Or if you can't buy them, check them out from your local library. Libraries pay a special premium to be allowed to let people borrow them. So they pay the best of anyone.
  • Write an honest review of my books. Don't know how? I have help for you here.
  • If you like my books, share them with your friends. Recommend them for your book club. Talk about them on your blog or website. Do a social media post about them. Whatever makes you happy.
  • Subscribe to my Patreon! If you really love my Red Dog Conspiracy series, there is so much more behind the scenes stuff available for you there.
  • Love science fiction? Check out the Vault and become a paid subscriber.

Just want to give to me directly, without (as many) middlemen?

My direct PayPal link.

Please leave a note as to what it's for (donation), so I don't have to track you down.

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Thank you so much for your support of my work, no matter how you choose to support it.