Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes


The City of Bridges

The Cathedral

The Dealers

Eleanora Bryce

The Four Families

The Grand Ball

A Short History of the City of Bridges

Horses in Bridges

The Inventors

The Judicial System

The Kerr Dynasty

Lawyers in Bridges

Market Center

The Merca Federal Union

The Newspapers in Bridges (contains language unsuitable for refined folk)

Organized crime in Bridges

The Pot

Religion in Bridges


The Waterfront

Xavier Alcatraz

The Zeppelin Station

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Genre research and other topics of interest

Creating the city of Bridges

The Femme Fatale

Film Noir and Neo-Noir

My novel-writing process (should you be interested)

How's this for Steam? (steampunks and hardcore science fans will love this)

What is Steampunk?

Victorian Etiquette


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