The Merca Federal Union

The Merca Federal Union is a confederation of semi-independent domed city-states located on the North American continent.

Administration and oversight

The oversight and administrative portion of the government is located in Hub. Government officials are not elected, but individual members of city-states may apply to join Hub if they wish to serve there or influence policy. The Federal Governance Meeting occurs on the first Monday of every month. All are invited.

Governance is laissez-faire. Each city-state is responsible for its own internal affairs. A court system is available for inter-state crimes and disputes, but these are rare.

City-state requirements

Each group taking possession of a city dome has been granted access by charter. Groups must:

  • demonstrate a functioning government
  • have the ability to communicate with Hub
  • have the capability to utilize the dome's mechanisms
  • have the technical skill to repair the dome if needed

Those groups who lose one or more of these are at risk of losing their charter. If this happens, the citizens of that group are removed from their dome, which is given to a group able to carry out these basic functions.

The Merca Federal Bureau of Investigation deals with criminal activity involving multiple states or which occurs in the inter-state tunnel system.


The history of this unique government dates back to shortly after the Catastrophe.

The North American Federal Oversight Committee

Shortly after the Catastrophe, the North American survivors formed groups dedicated to surviving. Eventually, the groups migrated towards the center of the continent, mainly because it seemed to be the least affected. But they continued to have problems, mostly surrounding disagreements on the form of government.

The animosity became so great within the various groups and factions that they began using the newly rediscovered dome technology to form their own independent city-states. Moving into domes also helped mitigate the environmental after-effects of the Catastrophe, which led to longer, healthier lives for those who chose to do so.

Unfortunately, these isolated groups were often too small – sometimes to the point of being inbred – and began to experience difficulty. Eventually, the North American Federal Oversight Committee was formed to help foster trade, develop transportation between domes, and to offer an avenue for resolving disputes between city-states.

The Cultural Correctness Committee

Even though by this time electricity via magma steam generators was the major power source, vast differences in technology arose between the city-states. After Tollkeen almost went to war against Azimoff, alleging technological contamination, The Cultural Correctness Committee (CCC) was formed to monitor inter-dome transportation. This ensured that no city-state imposed their technology on a group who didn’t want it.

The CCC’s motto became, “If you don’t like the tech, you’re free to move.”

Eventually, each dome had its own version of the CCC, which in some cases turned into groups limiting scientific discovery in their domes.

The Merca Federal Union

Political pressures due to repeated city failures led the formation of the Merca Federal Union. While each city-state maintained its independence, the Federal Bureau was formed to investigate abuses. The Feds also provided aid in disasters and enforced the requirement for a stable government in order for a group to maintain control of their dome.

The Merca Federal Union took on the old North American Survivors' motto “From Ashes We Rise.” While some city-states resent the Feds’ interference (most notably Bridges), most agree that The Union has brought stability and prosperity to the continent.

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