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Need to get in touch? The easiest way to do so is to email me!

If you can't find an ebook, please email Bookfunnel ( They are my support desk and can help 24/7.


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Other ways to contact me:

Here are the fastest ways to reach me (in order):

1. Use the contact form above. I have these emails filtered to a folder I check first.

2. Email me directly at patty @

3. Use my live chat service! The chat function is at the bottom right corner of every page. The text goes directly to my cell phone. My business hours are M-F 9 to 12 US Central time. If I'm answering a text outside those times, it's likely that I will be away from my desk and unable to solve specific issues.

4. Physical address: Patricia Loofbourrow/Red Dog Press, LLC, 2709 N Hayden Island Dr STE 857878 Portland, Oregon, 97217, United States

Depending on what you order, your packages may come from a different address.

Please email me to let me know a package is coming before sending it to me as I may need to have it sent elsewhere, especially if I'm traveling. Unsolicited unexpected packages will be discarded unopened.

Note: I am one person. Irrelevant texts and unknown calls will be blocked. Unsolicited business email will be deleted unread.

If you feel you must call, please email me with the number you plan to call from and the reason why this can't be done via email. Then we can schedule a time to talk.

I would very much like to be contacted if you have a question, a comment about my books, or problem with your order. But I am a working author who has to protect my time and family. Thank you for your cooperation.