Policy on AI

Thank you for visiting, and giving me the chance to express my position on "AI".

I use quotes because what is currently known as AI (which is supposed to stand for artificial intelligence) is about as intelligent as your shoe.

These are computer programs which, like any other, are tools to increase productivity. Unfortunately, these tools have generated a great deal of controversy, as it's unclear whether the images and words used to "train" them were used with either permission or compensation.

The legality of using computer generated images and text is also unclear. My understanding is that (at least, in the US) these are not subject to copyright as no human was involved in the work's creation.

So let me be straight with you:

I do not use computer generated images, narration, or text in my books, and I don't plan to.

I have tried computer generated narration and text for one short non-fiction video and found it lacking.

I have created computer generated images for my own personal use, either as inspiration or as references for my own art where I couldn't find a suitable stock photo. I may use these in marketing after a good-faith attempt to find the original works, if any, to make sure they are properly credited.

But with no ability to copyright work I might commission or generate, the use of computer produced book covers (for example) is fraught. I don't recommend that computer generated images or text be used for commercial purposes.

This topic has generated a lot of heat but very little light. Just like the terror that streaming video would shut down movie theaters, just like the terror that TV would make radio obsolete, just like the terror that automobiles would mean no one would ever want to ride a horse and carriage, just like the terror that photography would make oil paintings obsolete ...

To those people who come here full of terror wanting to start something with me, I have two words: Grow up.

This is, in my view, not going to ruin anything.

Things, as they always do, change. Once the dust has settled, the changes, laws, and policies will become clear. As it has been shown throughout the centuries, people will always want high quality art, music, narration, and writing. If yours is not, it's no one else's fault but your own.