Press Kit: Parasite Author Name: Ridley Harker Release Date: Tuesday, June 28 2022 Tour Type: Blog Tour Tour Start Date: Thursday, October 13 2022 Review Formats Available: eBook Is This Book Romance?: No Story Type: Novel (>50k) Word Count: 82,500 Genres: horror, gay romance Pairings (if a romance): M/M LGBTQ+ Identities: trans, bisexual, gay, ace Keywords/Categories: body horror, monsters, action, transgender Tropes: anti-hero, first love, even evil has loved ones, Is This Part of a Series?: No

Book Blurb: Seventeen-year-old Jack Ives is used to being unlucky. His only friend has just moved away to college, his parents are alcoholics, and he’s relentlessly bullied by the town psychopath. All that begins to change with the arrival of a handsome but quirky new student, Lucien, who wants to be more than friends. Their newfound happiness doesn’t last, however, as a strange new illness strikes the island. Fishermen go missing, and the villagers left behind aren’t themselves anymore. When Lucien is suspected to be the cause of the outbreak, can Jack overcome his teenage hormones and save Eldrick Isle? Will he even want to?

Warnings: Abuse, alcoholism, animal death, bullying, graphic violence/gore, guns, homophobia, misgendering

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