Download Audio Books Free

Here are some great ways to download audio books free - while helping authors!

There is absolutely no need to go to scammy sites, torrents, or anything else in the slightest bit questionable in order to get free audiobooks. There are thousands of books available for free right now!

These methods are completely legal, safe, and actually HELP authors, so they can make more audio books for you!

And since independent authors (like myself) have to pay for narration, production, and editing of our audiobooks from our own pockets, we need all the help we can get!

Safe and legal ways to download audio books free

Visit your local library

Libraries have thousands of audiobooks to download, absolutely free!

How does this help authors? Because libraries pay authors a special fee to be able to offer you their audio books to download free, going to the library and requesting that the library buy the book for their collection helps authors a lot!

(Hint: getting an author's book in the library - especially if the library orders it for you - is one of the best things you can do for an author!)


Join an audio review team

Love an author's audiobooks? See if they have an audio review team!

The way this works is that authors who need honest reviews give you a copy of their audiobook! When you let them know that you've reviewed it, you'll become eligible to get the next in the series, or any future ones they create.

Usually, you'll get special codes to download audio books free, so you don't have to pay for them or use your credits. How each author handles this varies, and also different retailers may vary in what they allow authors to do.

If you join my audio street team, you can get my audiobooks for free!

Click here to learn more.


The (not so secret) Audible Bounty Program

Audible has this special program that not even all authors know about, where if you're a first time Audible user and join Audible by their free audiobook deal, that author gets a $75 "bounty"!

So you get to download one of the author's audio books free (sometimes Audible does a special where it's two or three), and once you've completed your free trial and begin paying for the Audible subscription, the author gets paid their bounty. Win-win!

Now, this only works the first time you join Audible, and it only works if you use the special link that the author gets to promote the bounty. So if you have a favorite author (hopefully me!) and you love audiobooks, and you've always wanted to try out Audible, this is for you.

My audiobooks - click on a link to try out Audible!

Audible ~ Audible UK

Audible ~ Audible UK

Audible ~ Audible UK

Audible ~ Audible UK

Other retailers give you free books!

For example, offers you three free books to join their subscription service, which is similar to Audible's but pays authors much better.

There are dozens of online audio retailers. A quick search on Google will show you some you can try.


Find public domain audiobooks to download

Like old books? Literally thousands of books which are now in the public domain have been recorded as audiobooks and are now available to download for free!

You'll have audiobooks to listen to for a LONG time just from this.


Only interested in free books?

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So there you have it! Go forth and enjoy.


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