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The Alcatraz Coup [signed paperback]

The Alcatraz Coup [signed paperback]

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A PREQUEL to the Red Dog Conspiracy series.

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Patricia Loofbourrow.

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About this paperback book:

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How far would you go to save your city from a madman?

Fifteen hundred years after the Catastrophe, Inventor Benjamin Kerr built the domed neo-Edwardian city-state of Bridges in the center of the former U.S. Three hundred years later, Bridges is in trouble. King Taylor Kerr is elderly, the economy is struggling, and corruption is rampant.

Forty years ago, a fence was built outside of the "Pot of Gold" — the city proper — to keep out the growing numbers of homeless. This number has increased to over a hundred thousand, whole generations knowing nothing else but life in the tent camps.

Acevedo Spadros is a high school Bridges history teacher. His former student Xavier Alcatraz is head of the Palace Guard. When King Taylor is assassinated by his son Polansky Kerr, who then plans to slaughter everyone outside the fence, Acevedo and Xavier plan the unthinkable: to bring down the Mad King.

Set 100 years before the Red Dog Conspiracy series, this dark, violent story brings you a collision of science fiction, steampunk, and war fiction with a story reminiscent of Black Hawk Down, set in a city gone mad.

Content warning: this book contains a fictional depiction of urban warfare, including on-screen mayhem and major character death.

This is a PREQUEL to the Red Dog Conspiracy series.

You DO NOT have to read this book before reading the Red Dog Conspiracy.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Patricia Loofbourrow’s Red Dog Conspiracy series is loved by over 60,000 fans of science fiction, hard-boiled noir mystery, and psychological crime thrillers from masters such as James S.A. Corey, Richard K, Morgan, and Michael Connelly.


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Here's what people are saying:

"The training the the officer's did in the book to prepare for the battle was extremely similar to my real life experiences doing SWAT Training as a deputy sheriff. Very realistic descriptions of the battles and rioting (I worked a couple of riots over my years in law enforcement). The espionage from the families to take control of the city kept me on the edge of my seat ... I can recommend this book as a great escape that really bites you hard with the realistic portrayals ..." - Tess L.

"Not required reading, but definitely WORTH reading of you are enjoying this world!!" - Luna M.

"Anyone who has read The Jacq of Spades would love this prequel. It details how the crime families were formed and the changing of their names. I am hooked on The Red Dog story line!" - Doug

"The Alcatraz Coup is a prequel to the author's book The Jacq of Spades, but it is also an interesting stand alone novel about men forced to act when their new king plans to do the unthinkable. The story moves quickly, but like all of the author's books, you best pay close attention as there is a lot beneath the surface. - Holly L.

Enjoy a sample from The Alcatraz Coup:

September 17th

Acevedo Spadros stood before his Bridges History class, chalk in hand, bemused at his students' fidgeting. The last bit of the hour on the last hour of the day must feel interminable.

"We've talked about the geo-political situation which led to the formation of the Kerr Alliance long enough." He grinned. "Now let's discuss something you care about: the founding of the city. In 1500, Inventor Benjamin Kerr completed the dome and chartered Bridges as an independent city-state with the North American Federal Oversight Committee."

The class murmured, some in confusion.

Acevedo smiled. They hadn't read the chapter. "That was the original name of the Merca Federal Union."

The ones who had read the chapter leaned back smugly, the rest had "oh" faces, recognition dawning as to the vast span of time and how it changed things.

Acevedo loved seeing that look on a child's face; it was the best part of being a teacher. "Those of you who read chapter four: any questions?"

A dozen hands shot up.Acevedo pointed to Jack Alcatraz, a boy of seventeen with curly brown hair.

"How did they build the dome?"

Acevedo chuckled. "Best ask your chemistry or physics teacher that. It's made of graphene, I think."

The class laughed, but it was a good laughter, fond and relaxed.

Acevedo walked to the map of Bridges: a circle, cut into four equal Quadrants by their four rivers, a relatively small island at the meeting of the rivers in the center. "The Inventor King was a deeply devout man. He laid the city out like a bridge board —"

The class murmured in confusion.

"— to him, the rivers represented the Holy Cards. He felt the rivers were the real beauty and wealth of the city, the knowledge and life they held flowing to its center. He laid out the city focused on the rivers, not the land."

A chorus of "oh."

Acevedo smiled. "When Inventor Kerr built Bridges, the only inhabited part was Market Center." Acevedo pointed to the island in the center of the map. "But he made it defensible. When they were building the city in the 1400's, they faced attacks by the surrounding tribesmen until they could raise the dome. In time of need, they were able to retreat to the island." He pointed to the four bridges in turn. "The island's only accessible by the bridges from each quadrant. With the way it's elevated," thirty-foot sheer cliffs above the water, "plus the Suction, it's an effective defense."

"Like a moat!" Jack said.

Acevedo preferred for children to wait to be called on. "Yes."

Jack didn't seem finished with his questions. "Why is the Suction there?"

Why doesn't he know this already? Acevedo glanced around. Every eye was on him. They're really interested. "The water is sucked down from around the island's base and pumped under the rivers. Then the water is returned to the rivers at the waterfalls around the Rim." He went to the board and drew a cross-section of the river pump mechanism and the path a river's water might take.

More "ohs," and Acevedo felt surprised. "You didn't know this?"

"No," several children said.

Acevedo felt uneasy. What else haven't they been taught?



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