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About me: the author

Patricia Loofbourrow learned to read when she was four, and became an avid reader of science fiction adventure books.

By the time she was nine, she was making up elaborate stories - with whole interactive sets - for her little sisters' dolls to traverse.

When she was twelve years old, she went to the doctor's office for an outpatient procedure. The doctor's silver instruments on a white cloth struck her as the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. She ended up going to medical school and practicing family medicine for ten years.

Okay (breaking the fourth wall here), that's a weird and sort of psychologically strange reason to become a doctor. But that might be why I write weird and sort of psychologically strange books.

Ahem. Back to the more or less proper bio:

Turned out being a doctor wasn't all it was cracked up to be (at least for her). In 2000, by then married with three small children, she gave up medicine and stayed home to create websites.

In 2005, Patty ran across the National Novel Writing Month. It's an online personal challenge to write 50,000 words (a small novel) in 30 days. She always wanted to write a novel, so why not?

She's been writing ever since.


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About me: my favorite things

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About me: my stories

I'm an "action movie" gal - the more blowing things up, the better.

I love hard science fiction that grabs the heart, like The Martian and The Two Faces of Tomorrow.

I love the gritty multi-faction political intrigue of stories like A Song of Ice and Fire, the Dorsai series, and The Expanse.

I love stories about what it means to be human, like Dune and Ender's Game. Stories about people, rather than just the gadgets around them.

I've also fallen in love with history. Because without knowing the history, you'll never really understand the now.

My first career was as a family physician, and most of my work has been with the "regular people" of this world. The ones many sprawling epics forget about. But I try never to, because they're often the real heroes of the story.

Most of all, I love stories about complicated people pushed way past the edge of their comfort zones. Because I believe that's where the magic happens. :)


Other things I write

I also have books on home food landscaping and a newsletter about positive self-talk.



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Liminal fiction: pushing the boundaries of speculative fiction.