My Book Titles

I've been writing since 2000 - and writing novels since 2005. These are the book titles and articles I felt good enough about to publish.

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Red Dog Conspiracy

Main series

In a future world, a mafia wife secretly investigating a child abduction is targeted in a plot against her organized crime syndicate and the corrupt government it controls. A pulp crime drama for lovers of dark, gritty steampunk books and dystopian fiction.

The Jacq of Spades (Part 1)

The Queen of Diamonds (Part 2)

The Ace of Clubs (Part 3)

The King of Hearts (Part 4)

The Ten of Spades (Part 5)

The Five of Diamonds (Part 6)

The Two of Hearts (Part 7)

The Three of Spades (Part 8)

The Knave of Hearts (Part 9)

The Four of Clubs (Part 10) - To release October 1, 2023. Scroll to the bottom and join my newsletter to be notified.

The Prequels

Gutshot: The Catastrophe

The Alcatraz Coup



The Companions

Drawing Thin


Collaborations and anthologies

Dark Humanity - limited 2-edition multi-author SFF collection - 1st edition made #5 on the NY Times best seller and #8 on the USA Today best seller list. Edition 1 contained The Jacq of Spades; edition 2 contained The Alcatraz Coup.

End of Days  - limited edition multi-author dystopian anthology - contained Vulnerable

Army of Brass - a collaborative steampunk adventure novel (I wrote chapter 16) - proceeds benefit the Collaborative Writing Challenge

Red Dog Conspiracy Act 1 - 2-edition collection. Both editions contain parts 1-3. The first (a limited holiday edition) also contained The Alcatraz Coup and a bonus scene

Uprising: 12 Dystopian Futures - limited edition multi-author collection - contained The Jacq of Spades

Death & Damages - limited edition multi-author mystery thriller collection - featured Drawing Thin

Weird Worlds - twenty very short science fiction and fantasy stories I wrote between 2005 and 2015.

Non-fiction books, booklets, and articles

About writing:

The Author's Guide to Medical Websites (2006,


About gardening:

I also run an educational site on landscaping your home with food plants.


How to make your own garden landscape design plans

Edible Landscaping on $1 a Day (Or Less!)

Edible Landscaping: Where to Begin?

Easy Edible Landscapes: Add a Beautiful Food Garden to Your Yard In Just 14 Days