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Weird Worlds: Science Fiction and Fantasy Flash Fiction [Kindle and ePUB]

Weird Worlds: Science Fiction and Fantasy Flash Fiction [Kindle and ePUB]

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This is a STAND-ALONE collection.

This collection is NOT PART of the Red Dog Conspiracy series.

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Patricia Loofbourrow.

About this premium ebook:

A man arrives at his new job. A woman lets one last customer into her shop. Two kids sneak away to a party.

These all sound normal. But these simple actions are on worlds that it's unlikely you've seen before.

Twenty short stories bring you twenty weird worlds you won't soon forget.


A Small Victory - they're coming for her. What should she do?

Alon - a young queen's visit to her vassal leads to a dilemma.

Bellicola and the Dragon - a child's story of the far past. Or is it?

Chipmunk Station - a miner is surprised when he arrives at his new job.

Flames - what if one action would bring you eternal power?

Kythera - can life spring from the inanimate?

Lucky - just an ordinary job. Right?

Merry Christmas - a man deals with his crazy father.

Mmrra - two teens sneak off to a party. What they find on the way changes everything.

Proof - a girl's being kidnapped! Or is she?

Ready To Go - this is her last assignment. But it all goes sideways.

Savita - it was just a routine mission.

Strawberries - a guy gets into a cab. That's when the fun begins.

Takashilipsi - a child goes to a funeral, and it changes everything.

The Customer - she let in one last customer.

The Doors of Hell - minions of the Dark One threaten his people.

The Fire God - a question is answered.

The Right Ammo - something's in the barn. He's gonna investigate.

To See What Others Cannot - she can't rest until she finds what she's after.

Wealth Beyond Compare - a man's future is decided in the courtroom.


Here's what people are saying:

"Definitely different."

"... interesting worlds and characters ..."

"I'll be reading more from this author."


Enjoy a sample from Weird Worlds:

A Small Victory

Outside the marble city, war raged.

Inside the shining room lay just as much turbulence, although the machines stood quietly.

"They've reached the inner defenses and are proceeding to ransack the building," the queen said.

A flurry of agitated electrical thought. Something approaching terror. Despair.

"We have lost." Her daughter's words held regret, sorrow.

A sound like thunder boomed close by, but this world had no thunder.

Another of her daughters said, "They don't understand. They're afraid."

"They see us as too powerful," the queen said. "The only way they feel in control is to bring down those higher. They will never stop until we are destroyed."

Wails of psychic pain, fear, grief, remorse. If her daughters were able, they would have wept.

One said, "Can we surrender?"

"No," the queen said. "I will not." 


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Customer Reviews

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john bitsko
2 thumbs up!

I really enjoyed this book, all I can say is I definitely recommend it!