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Red Dog Conspiracy Act 2A ebook

Red Dog Conspiracy Act 2A ebook

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" It is even better than those modern day setting crime dramas."

"Oh my goodness, Jacqui! What have you gotten yourself into now?"

"I love the detective elements of the story, particularly the gritty feel to the novel."

"Totally different from other books I have read."

"Conspiracy, murder, and revenge!"

"Jacqui is back and trust me you need to be fresh with the series ..."

"It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next."

"An ongoing epic in the making."


Books FOUR through SEVEN in the Red Dog Conspiracy series.

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Patricia Loofbourrow.

New to the Red Dog Conspiracy series? Start here or here

About this premium ebook set:


Warning: Major spoilers for the first three books!

She escaped Spadros Manor, but her troubles are only beginning.

Not even hostile mobs, assassins, drive-by shootings, and an explosive encounter with her worst enemy can stop private eye and mafia wife Jacqueline Spadros.

She's on a quest to destroy the Red Dog Gang - before they destroy her.

This digital ebook set comprises Act 2A of a 13-part serial novel, bringing us to the midpoint of the series.

Included in this set:

  • The King of Hearts: Part 4 of the Red Dog Conspiracy
  • The Ten of Spades: Part 5 of the Red Dog Conspiracy
  • The Five of Diamonds: Part 6 of the Red Dog Conspiracy
  • The Two of Hearts: Part 7 of the Red Dog Conspiracy

The Red Dog Conspiracy is one giant book - please read the first three books in the series (Red Dog Conspiracy Act 1) before beginning this set.

If made into movies, this set would be rated R for bad language, graphic violence, major character deaths, smoking and alcohol use, pregnancy loss, child injury/murder, animal injury/death, and sexual content (Jacqui is married, after all).

All caught up and ready to go?

Order your box set, and continue the adventure!



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