Collection: The Four of Clubs: Part 10 of the Red Dog Conspiracy

Recovering from the tremendous losses she's suffered in our last chapter, private eye and mafia wife Jacqueline Spadros gets a new case from an unlikely source: her mobster husband.

But when a mutual friend goes missing, Jacqui and her husband must join forces on a case which quickly turns deadly.


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"Shonda Rhimes should produce this series!" - my husband, who's not really a fan of either ... ;)

Note: The Red Dog Conspiracy (if made into a TV series, which I sure hope happens!) would be rated R/MA for bad language, graphic on-screen violence, drugs/smoking/alcohol, child abuse, animal death, and consent issues. This series is diverse in just about every way, and follows a married woman who grew up in a brothel.

If any of that bothers you, leave now! ;)

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